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CGC Campbell WPG 32, St. George, SINY
USCGC Campbell, WPG 32, St. George, Staten Island, New York, 1958
Photo: Don Seifert

Welcome to the Web Site for
USCG Cutter Campbell Association W32/W909


President: Ed M. Quinn, - Vice President: William J. Gleason, - Secretary/Treasurer: Robert E. Dell,
Past President: Joe Oliva - Member At Large: Henry Newbold

On Capstan With Crew At A Bar Having A Drink In His Hammoch Taking Aim
Waiting To Open Starting Retirement Going Ashore Last Time Taking His Paw Prints


Just a short note. Mr. Dummie here has had trouble opening our web site. I even had worked with Yahoo and ATT. This morninging tried one more time with password etc. AND IT WORKED! do not ask me why. But am so glad to be back online with the web site+


News LetterMarch 2014


South Portland, Maine
May 5-9, 2014

BEST WESTERN Merry Manor Inn
700 Main Street
Portland, Maine 04106
Phone (207) 774-6151
Fax (207) 871-0537

RESERVATIONS Phone (207) 871-0573
Single or Double Room Rate is $79.00 per Nignt
Please Make Your Reservations Early.
Cut Off Date Is April 10, 2014

Campbell Reunion 2014 Page!

Videos of our Reunion at Portland, Maine in September 2007. There is more but have not edited them yet. As a Bonus is a tour of the active lighthouse at Hillsboro Inlet, Pompano Beach, Florida.

Downeast Clambake, 8:31Minutes

Quaint Shopping Cove 3:38 Minutes.

Hillsboro Lighthouse 8:27 Minutes

I am sorry, but clicking one of my videos plays it but then starts another one. And they could be something not Coast Guard. So until I learn how to fix it just look at my list and you will see other Association Videos. Click my name under the screen to get my list. Thanks.

      Mr. Stan Barns, President of the USCGC Duane Association is inviting any 327' Cutters to join them at their reunion which is 3 days after ours. See below. Phone and e-mail addresses. - bsn

      Hi Neill,
      Nice job. Love that song!!!
      I have opened up the USCGC Duane Las Vegas reunion to all ships company. Please put out the word to your crew and if they would like to go have them contact me.
      May 12 - 15 at Arizona Charlies Decatur.
      Thank You,
      Stan Barnes
      President USCGC Duane Association
      Phone: 603-496-2679
      E-mail: Stan Barns President CGC Duane

I am re-building Crew List W32. You can go to this site to see work in progress. Near the bottom are a lot of new people on the site, including up to 1982. Of course the full original site is still there for all the previous enteries. Crew List W32 Under Construction Page


Jack Mull, RM1 Has Crossed The Bar

Received the following two e-mails. They were posted to our Facebook Page. This is a good way to get information across to the The Association. The Campbell W909 also has their Facebook Page.

George Di Francesco Coppola posted in U.S.C.G.C. Campbell Association W32/W909

Good Morning, I have to give you all some sad news, Jack Mull RM1 crossed the bar peacefully the other day. As I got to know Jack through the years I found him to be a kind and gentle man who loved more than anything the memories of the CAMPBELL/WESTPAC crew and we talked a lot about it when I had the opportunity to speak with him. In keeping with the spirit of Mike Truex I would like to compile a list of those WESTPAC crew members who have crossed the bar. If you know of some please e-mail them to me. Take care and here is to the tradition of the Queen that the crew of the W32/909 will keep this tradition going, as we found out when you are part of the CAMPBELL tradition you are part of a group of men who care. Take care.

Darryl McCaffrey posted in USCGC CAMPBELL WMEC 909

Good Morning, I have to give you all some sad news, Jack Mull RM1 crossed the bar peacefully the other day. As I got to know Jack through the years I found him to be a kind and gentle man who loved more than anything the memories of the CAMPBELL/WESTPAC crew and we tal...

Picture Captain Wuensch

Dear Sirs,

I was recently doing some biographical research on my father, Henry Jacob Wuensch who was Captain of the Campbell from September 1950 to October, 1952. The ship was based in New York harbor. Although I was only 4 and 5 years old at the time, I remember him bring me on board, particularly for lunch. The cook had concocted a special recipe for pea soup, and it was the first time I ever enjoyed eating it! I particularly remember the steward who was particularly friendly to me. My father had a beautiful model of the Campbell on our fireplace mantle, and kept it there long after he retired as a Rear Admiral in 1964. Although he passed away almost 10 years ago, the memory of the Campbell still burns bright in our family!

Lawrence W. Wuensch, Son

Sinbad Rededication

Rededication of Sinbads final resting place after last years hurricane will be
Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 1030hrs.
Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island, New Jersey

In past years this was aways a great event. It is fun to get together with shipmates and have a fun afternoon. It is always good to meet the new crew, at the light, of upcoming Coasties! And maybe find a Campbell man, or woman too!

Barnegat Lighthouse Web Site   -   Wikipedia - Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ   -   Long Beach Island, NJ, Barnegat Lighthouse

George D. Devine Has Crossed The Bar

George D. Devine, Servered Aboard Campbell, Period 1952 to 1955, Has Crossed The Bar

My husband, George D. Devine, enlisted in the United States Coast Guard on February 13, 1952 and served in active duty until February 14, 1955. He might better be remembered as "Don" Devine. He was stationed aboard the USCG Campbell WPG-32 during this period. He passed away Tuesday, March 26th. Please remember him. He was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Over the years he told many stories of his years in the Coast Guard and his time aboard the Campbell and has put these remembrances down on paper. His twin brothers and a nephew also served in the Coast Guard.

Mail To; June Devine - Don'd Wife Of 58 Years


I'm not 100% sure this is ours, but might be worth posting on the web site Mike

-------------- Forwarded Message: --------------
From: marzenh
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: re: William J. Fox, 90, Campbell sailor, WW2?
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 04:58:20 +0000


In Monday's local newspaper, a William J. Fox, 90, of New Tripoli,
Pa. (E. Pa.) passed away. 90 years old.
Was on the "USS Campbell", no year given. (Assume WW2).
Burial, WED, Sept 2nd at Orefield (Allentown) Pa.
Arrangements: Heintzelman Funeral Home,
PO Box 196, Schnecksville, (Allentown area), Pa. 18078-0196.

Semper Paratus. Sincerely, Bob Marzen (Spencer)